About EDS

EDS Group Inc. specializes in environmental planning, urban design and landscape architecture. Since our inception in 2003 we have completed numerous projects across Western and Atlantic Canada. Our philosophy of sustainable development focuses on a careful balance between human use and environmental protection, and creating restorative experiences for both people and wildlife in these environments. We have and completed over 150 projects, and worked with Clients in both the private and public sector. Each project brings together collaborate teams of highly skilled and innovative people from within our team of talented staff and industry partners with specific complimentary skills.

While our projects range drastically in scale, there are two common elements to all our work. First, local knowledge must be an integral part of any design process, and engagement must be intentional, meaningful and embedded throughout our work. Secondly, we recognize the importance of humans’ routine contact with nature, both in urban and natural settings. EDS works with its Clients to craft project-specific work programs that bring the right expertise to each assignment. Our team is led by Dr. John Buchko, Principal of EDS.